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AmplioSpeech delivers digital speech-language therapy - accelerated progress, empowered clinicians, maximized compliance and reimbursement

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AmplioSpeech maximizes student outcomes and empowers SLPs, by delivering Digital Speech-Language Therapy to school districts and their SLPs, students and their families, special education departments and administrators. Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech equips school districts with an exclusive speech-language therapy operating system that powers speech-language therapy in the 21st century. AmplioSpeech accelerates student clinical and academic progress using proven, individualized digital programs, reduces SLPs indirect workload, all while ensuring efficient and consistent IEP compliance both onsite and online. School districts empower their school-based SLPs using the AmplioSpeech system or deploy AmplioSpeech SLPs to complement. Special education administrators leverage on the most advanced platform that adapts to their school’s needs. AmplioSpeech provides them exclusive access to monitoring and oversight on compliance and progress, and a 360° view of where things stand at any given time.

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