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Axilion Smart Mobility

AI & Deep Learning software and SaaS for cities and transit operators

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Axilion Smart Mobility

Axilion Smart Mobility revolutionizes the every day reality in cities around the world by reducing commuter’s travel time in all mobility services and means by 40%. Our AI technology deploys a distributed algorithm where every signalized intersection is transformed into an adaptive, car connected traffic controller and infused into a smart city brain. Axilion provides real-time traffic simulations for intersections, corridors, grids and entire cities. AI design of adaptive traffic signals that automatically responds to the changing traffic patterns in real-time. Utilizing every available road infrastructure and sensors by creating a software abstraction layer on top of existing hardware and creates a foundation for city-wide dynamic congestion pricing (RUC – Road User Charges) Through our unique and field proven solutions we are able to optimize traffic flow by 40%, dramatically reduce public transit operator's travel time by up to 47%, grow transit ridership by 400%. Axilion's software is deployed in 100's of signals in Europe, Israel and the US and is the only approved software in Israel for designing traffic signal time plans.

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