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Digital Trowel

Digital Trowel develops text mining and natural language processing tools that facilitate business decision-making.

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Digital Trowel

DT develops Text mining and NLP tools. DT collects, distills and disseminates data from the Internet into the knowledge you need to make smart business decisions. Their breakthrough NLP (natural language processing) technologies mine the depths of the Web, find relevant data quickly, understand it and refine it to meet your specific needs. The source of Digital Trowel's exceptional productivity is a unique, cross-disciplinary team made up of world-leading scientists, technologists, database industry strategists, and highly experienced entrepreneurial managers. DT was co-founded by Prof. Ronen Feldman, the scientist who coined the term "text mining." He is the author of the text mining industry's definitive textbook, and founded one of text mining's first and most successful commercial companies. Digital Trowel has assembled leading technologists from the fields of text analytics, mathematics/algorithms, infrastructure and software development, as well as veteran database industry strategists and business managers. This strong, comprehensive combination gives you the ability to tap the agility, experience and raw brain power you need to create high-value text mining and data analytic applications and carry out challenging assignments.

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