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Eco Fusion

Personalized Neuro-digital Therapeutics Platform

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Eco Fusion
NeuroreHabilitation | NeuroDegenerative | NeuralProstheses
Digital & Health care
Clinical use (of cognitive, psychological, psychiatric, inc. early diagnosis)
Software Development | Apps

Eco-Fusion is an AI-driven digital therapeutics company offering a flexible and patented closed-loop mobile platform to address a variety of chronic and mental conditions. Eco-Fusion partners with pharmaceutical, health, and insurance organizations to create digital therapeutics.

The company's initial product is the award-winning Serenita, an AI-driven stress-reducing and focus-enhancing technology. Serenita has been shown to help patients with diabetes significantly reduce their blood sugar levels and lose significant weight.

Eco-Fusion's broader online platform, NewMe, uses sensor data and patient-reported data to analyze and render personalized treatments through neuro-stimulation wearables and behavioral therapies.
Combating Coronavirus Pandemic:
More than 63% of the people are experiencing depression and anxiety issues during the COVID-19 global crisis. Eco Fusion is addressing this using its patented stress relief engine. The company also uses sensor data and patient-reported data to analyze and render comprehensive personalized treatments.

The company's platform has rapidly adapted to emergency situations (such as COVID-19) where telemedicine is crucial. Eco-Fusion is also collaborating on solutions related to tracking cases and assessing COVID-19 infection risk in real-time.

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