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GSKURE (previously CerebraMed)

Gskure is an IP based company that owns innovative proprietary GSK-3 peptide inhibitors drug candidates. GSK-3 is related to varius neurodegenerative diseases

Company Name
Updating Date
Neurotech Category
Market Category
Target Market
Company Founded Year
Company Number of Employees
GSKURE (previously CerebraMed)
NeuroPharmacology | NeuroBioTechnology
Biotechnology & Biopharmaceutical
Medical use (pharma, nerve damage rehabilitation, neurodiagnostics. inc. early diagnosis)
Biochemical: pharmacological drugs (Developing drugs)

The protein GSK-3 is a causative factor behind a broad spectrum of
neurodegenerative disorders. Inhibition of GSK-3 should limit the
progression of neurodegeneration and rescue pathological symptoms.

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