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Magen OrthoMed

Adhesion Barriers for Scar Prevention

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Magen OrthoMed
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Magen OrthoMed Ltd is developing adhesion barriers by implanting a temporary synthetic barrier that physically prevents scar tissue from proliferating and adhering to anatomic structures such as spinal dura, nerves, tendons, or ligaments.Â

Magen's adhesion barriers can reduce the extent of scar tissue adhesion to the structure and provide a clear surgical plane between the naturally forming scar tissue and the structure, to enable easier and safer dissection in re-operations performed at the same surgical site. Magen's adhesion barriers are implanted at the end of the surgical procedure and are removed in an out-patient follow-up physician visit, after about 30 days.

Magen's SpineShield is a barrier that protects the spinal canal from penetrating scar tissue. It is removed from the body after healing has taken place, leaving a separation between the spinal canal and surrounding scar tissue. The SpineShield is a protective synthetic membrane that is placed over the gap from which the lamina was removed. It protects the spinal canal as the lamina would, so that no scar tissue connects to the spinal cord or nerves.


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