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Treatment for Neurological Degenerative Diseases

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NeuroMed Pharmaceuticals is offering Yac-101, a potential treatment for injuries involving neuro-degeneration.

Yac-101 is based on specific and differentiating metal chelation that may prevent various types of reactive oxygen species generated directly or via metal mediation. The product also has the potential to maintain cytosolic calcium homeostasis, keep mitochondrial function following ion-loading insults, prevent cell membrane damage induced by lipid peroxidation, and preserve energy stores.

NeuroMed Pharmaceuticals is now integrated within its Canadian purchaser, Zalicus Pharmaceuticals, which was in turn was acquired by Epirus Biopharmaceuticals in July 2014, both companies located in New England, USA.

The later picture:

The U.S. arm of Israel-based Taro Pharmaceuticals bought Zalicus for $3.8 million in cash and a $3.8 million limited recourse note that matures in 2017. Sun controls Taro after a series of complex negotiations that began in 2007 and reached a conclusion in 2013.

Zalicus, a subsidiary of Boston-based Epirus Biopharmaceuticals, develops biosimilar drugs, is developing a pain management drug candidate called Z944.

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