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Ornim Medical

Noninvasive Cerebral Blood Flow Monitoring

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Ornim Medical
Digital & Health care

Ornim Medical specializes in the clinical research, development, and distribution of medical devices in the field of tissue and cerebral blood flow and perfusion.

The company’s lead product, the c-FLOW, is a bedside patient monitor based on the patented UTLight technology that provides physicians with monitoring solutions. The c-FLOW, an FDA-cleared device, is a noninvasive and continuous check of deep tissue blood flow that monitors regional microcirculatory blood flow in tissues by using sensors placed near the area.

Information reflecting real-time changes in blood flow, suggesting changes in tissue perfusion, is displayed numerically and graphically on the bedside monitor’s screen. As such, the c-FLOW monitoring tool can be used to direct safe and decisive patient care when the perfusion of brain tissue is at stake.

Ornim Medical’s technology is protected by 13 worldwide patents.

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