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Planet of the Apps

Full Stack Boutique Games Studio

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Planet of the Apps

Planet of the Apps, an established indie mobile game studio, developing and self-publishing mobile games since 2013. Planet of the Apps’ are a group of avid-gamers who are passionate about creating new-to-the-world games that are unique in terms of gameplay and design. The team includes industry experts and passionate monsters, committed to innovate the mobile puzzle games market. Thus far, Planet of the Apps has released more than 30 games and reached over 7M downloads worldwide. With couple of titles ranking in top charts worldwide, and 9 of the games have been featured on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we are now focused on the Circle Sweep’s franchise. Mobile puzzle games have always been a ‘me-too’ category, with app stores filled with hundreds of look-alike games. There is practically no real innovation, especially in the gameplay. Planet of the Apps now releases Circle Sweep to disrupt the matching puzzle genre, proving originality and innovation are still kings. Circle Sweep is a brilliant and addictive new puzzle game for anyone who wants to use their brain and play a colorful logic game that puts your decision-making skills to the test. Circle Sweep fuse decision-making challenges with puzzle mechanics that results in an original new game mechanism. Start training your brain with an excitingly free puzzle game that involve colorful orbs and cute visual designs. Connect orbs of the same color with brain teasers and challenges that will have you anticipating each and every step in Circle Sweep!

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