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Regenera Pharma

Regenerative Therapy for Neuropathies

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Regenera Pharma
NeuroPharmacology | NeuroBioTechnology
Biotechnology & Biopharmaceutical
Medical use (pharma, nerve damage rehabilitation, neurodiagnostics. inc. early diagnosis)
Biochemical: pharmacological drugs (Developing drugs)

Regenera Pharma is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing innovative drugs for the treatment of optic nerve neuropathies. The company is currently focused on a treatment for ischemic optic neuropathy.

Regenera will conduct a phase 3 study in the U.S. for evaluating the efficacy and safety of RPh201 treatment in participants diagnosed with NAION. It will also commence a phase 2 study in Canada that will evaluate the safety, tolerability, and clinical benefit of RPh201 in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, with or without coexisting cerebrovascular disease.

Regenera collaborates with the Henry Ford Health System to investigate the therapeutic effects of RPh201 on stroke recovery in a rat model of embolic middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO).

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