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SpotOn Therapeutics

Eyeglasses for Alleviating Symptoms of Chronic Dizziness

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SpotOn Therapeutics
Cognitive Assessment & Enhancement
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SpotOn Therapeutics develops and offers a noninvasive, effective, and safe treatment designed to alleviate dizziness symptoms and improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic dizziness, vertigo, and balance disorders.

The company’s technology is implemented in an eyeglasses-like device using active signals called Neuro-Balance Active Spots (NBA Spots). The NBA Spots are embedded in specific locations on the lens and adapted for the needs of each patient. The semitransparent NBA Spots are rectangles a few millimeters wide that are embedded in the peripheral part of one or both lenses. The position, size, shape, and combination of the NBA Spots are personally fitted for each patient.

The NBA Spots do not affect normal vision and are difficult to spot by other people. Individuals with perfect sight can use Plano glasses. The company offers patients a range of fashionable frames to choose from. The lenses are fitted for distance vision, reading, or Plano, all in consultation with the patient and taking into consideration his or her eyeglasses prescription and the times when dizziness usually occurs.

SpotOn Therapeutics also offers a personalized session for customizing the SpotOn Specs. The treatment is currently available only in Israel.

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