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What's New in NeuroTech Israel?


BrainBow Technique

Brainbow is a process by which individual neurons in the brain can be distinguished from neighboring neurons using fluorescent proteins. By randomly expressing different ratios of red, green, and blue derivatives of green fluorescent protein in individual neurons, it is possible to flag each neuron with a distinctive color. This process has been a major contribution to the field of connectomics, or the study of neural connections in the brain. The study of neural pathways is also known as hodology by earlier neuroanatomists.

Israel's NeuroTech Ecosystem

All of the relevant companies working out of Israel in the Neurotech field.

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This list is regularly updated, so check back often for the latest headlines and press coverage. הרשימה הזו מתעדכנת מעת לעת אז תבואו לבקר לשמוע מה חדש