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Physical Therapy Solutions

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NeuroreHabilitation | NeuroDegenerative | NeuralProstheses
Medical devices | Medical equipment
Medical use (pharma, nerve damage rehabilitation, neurodiagnostics. inc. early diagnosis)

MediTouch develops and manufactures physical therapy products designed to help patients achieve better functional recovery. Its physical therapy products consist of wearable motion-capture devices and dedicated physical therapy rehabilitation software.

MediTouch offers the HandTutor, an ergonomic glove for hand rehabilitation; the ArmTutor, an ergonomic elbow brace and shoulder 3D-position system for arm rehabilitation; and the LegTutor, an ergonomic knee brace and hip 3D-position system for leg rehabilitation.

The company's physical therapy products are supplied with dedicated clinical software to allow patients with upper and/or lower extremity movement dysfunction to practice intensive physical therapy of single and multiple joints. MediTouch's physical therapy products implement impairment-oriented training with augmented motion feedback, producing a tailored physical therapy program to speed the patient to functional recovery.

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