Brainstorm BGU is the first Brainstorm chapter in Israel. We started at October 2018 in the Cognitive and Brain Science Department by undergrad and graduated students, with the support of one PI.


Now in our community we have students and leaders from a variety of departments such as Engineering, Computer Sciences and Psychology.  

Our vision is to turn the Negev to the center of neurotech in Israel. 


Team Leaders

Miriam Dissen Ben Or

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Yahel Golan

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Meet the best collection

of young and talented students,

which are strongly passionate 

about neurotech and community. 

Yoel Ziblat - Shay

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Itay Harel

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Nir Cafri

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Team Members

Timara Svinik

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Tamir Shilony

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Mike Lipliansky

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Gil Ben Josef

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Adi Nissim

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Itamar Vasserman

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Kfir Nissim

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Carmel Ariel

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Nir Zachar

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Ofri Shani

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Upcoming events at BGU

  • מה הסיפור שלך? סטוריטלינג והעברת מסרים Brainstorm BIU
  • Neurofeedback for Personalized Therapy
  • חזית הנוירוטק: האתגרים וההזדמנויות במפגש בין האקדמיה לתעשייה
    Online -
  • A Day in the Life - PhD Student
  • לומדים איך ליצור אירועים עם טל (:
    Zoom meeting
  • שם


Amit Samet

Adi Gotliber

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Daniel Polyakov

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Yearly Plan 2020-2021

September 20

Holidays :)

October 20

Artificial Intelligence 

November 20

Brain Imaging

December 20

 Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation


January 21

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

February 21


March 21


April 21

Brain Disorders

May 21

Neuropedagogy and Neurofeedback

June 21


July 21

Career Development

August 21



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