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Meet Our Team

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Or Rabani

  • Or R. LinkedIn

Community Leader

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Dana Vilker

  • Dana Vilker

Community Leader


Maryana Daood

  • Maryana D. LinkedIn

Community Leader


Eitan Hemed

  • Eitan H. LinkedIn

Yosef Attakov

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Neta Weitzman

  • Neta W. LinkedIn

Brainstorm Magazine Writer

Join Us!

We meet every month

for a talk with industry leaders,

a technical workshop

and pizza.

The meetings are open to all students and faculty!

Upcoming events

No events at the moment

What We Do


Learn how to create Brain Computer Interfaces
Develop communication aids for people with ALS
Gain academic credit points

Academia to

Meet with
leading members
of the Neurotech industry
and learn how to
bridge the two worlds

Intro workshops

Beginner level workshops on everything Neurotech: programming, neuroscience, signal processing and more


The best geek sleepovers ever!

Intense overnight competitions on all things Neirotech


Our yearly national entrepreneurship competition with amazing mentors from industry, VCs, accelerators, academia and more.
Designed to give you a first taste of the startup world

Soft skils

Workshops on important soft skills: Pitch and deliver your message, network and meet new people, Manage your project and much more

Hands On R&D

Workshops and meetups with cutting-edge hardware and guidance

Community week

A week of community get-together on campus - lectures, round tables, open labs, and fun



We are a community of students, researchers and friends at the university of Haifa, interested in neuro-technology.

Members come from a diverse range of  fields including psychology, computer science, cognition, information systems, neurobiology, data science, education, economics, public health and more.

Our mission is to strengthen collaborations and connections within the neurotech eco-system (including industry and academy) at the university and in Israel, and to support the acquisition of  knowledge and expertise in the field.


orit nafcha.jpg

Orit Nafcha

  • Orit N. LinkedIn
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