Meet The HaifaU Team

Or Rabani

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PhD Candidate - Clinical Neuropsychology

Orit Nafcha

  • Orit N. LinkedIn

PHD Candidate - Social Neuropsychology

Founded 2019

Join Us!

We meet every month

for a talk with industry leaders,

a technical workshop

and pizza.

The meetings are open to all students and faculty!



We are a community of students, researchers and friends at the university of Haifa, interested in neuro-technology.

Members come from a diverse range of  fields including psychology, computer science, cognition, information systems, neurobiology, data science, education, economics, public health and more.

Our mission is to strengthen collaborations and connections within the neurotech eco-system (including industry and academy) at the university and in Israel, and to support the acquisition of  knowledge and expertise in the field.

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