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AI-based Voice Bot for Remote Patient Engagement and Monitoring

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MyndYou specializes in AI-based solutions based on cognitive complexity to reduce hospitalizations, readmissions, social isolation, and loneliness by engaging patients in their homes. By leveraging voice and activity data, MyndYou’s predictive algorithm can detect changes associated with chronic conditions, hospitalization risk, mental health and well-being, and more.

The company’s AI-based voice bot and engagement tool, MyEleanor, can be used as a scalable personalized virtual health coach to call individuals directly in their homes. Patients and their caregivers can receive consistent automated check-in calls from MyEleanor to monitor and stay on top of the patient’s health.

Each program is customizable and can address a broad population or be tailored for opt-in or risk-based participation. Brain-driven voice analytics work in the background of each call to detect subtle changes in health and improve care coordination.

As the number of cognition-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease continues to grow at a rapid pace, MyndYou aims to optimize and scale the targeted delivery of cognitive care.
Combating Coronavirus Pandemic:
MyndYou’s AI-based solutions use unique passive voice analytics and remote engagement tools to enable care providers to effectively screen for COVID-19 in their communities, combat the effects of social isolation in older adults, and ensure targeted care for individuals who need it most.

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