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NYX Technologies

Neurotechnology for Sleep Management and Stress Reduction

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NYX Technologies
Digital & Health care
General wellbeing / wellness (users without clinical diagnosis)
Non-invasive Neuroimaging | portable (EEG | fNIRS)

NYX Technologies is developing Cognyx, a wearable device to help users improve their sleep and reduce stress. The device is a wearable brain-tech headset that stimulates and monitors the user's brain activity. Based on proven science and technology, the platform combines specially designed algorithms, software, and hardware to provide an accessible and engaging experience to the consumer.

The NYX device is designed to help users fall asleep faster, optimize sleep cycles, analyze their sleep, and wake with increased energy. It can also be used during the day to enable users to get into a meditative mode for relaxation and stress reduction. The Cognyx device is connected to a companion app, which is designed to make controlling Cognyx and understanding the users' sleep stats simple and fun.

NYX Technologies is an alumnus of the 8200 Entrepreneurship Program.

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