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Noninvasive Transcranial Doppler System

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Medical use (pharma, nerve damage rehabilitation, neurodiagnostics. inc. early diagnosis)

Rimed is the developer of a transcranial doppler system, composed of a PC-based peripheral vascular doppler and a customizable summary screen, that has since been adopted by other companies. Rimed now offers a new line of digital transcranial dopplers with M-Mode as well as an integrated carotid imaging probe.

Rimed’s Digi-One system provides a complete diagnostic solution for neurosonology or neurovascular laboratories. Digi-One noninvasively measures the blood flow velocity in the main arteries of the brain, facilitating the detection of stenosis and emboli flowing in the bloodstream.

The company’s line of products carry all international certifications, including CE, ISO 13485:2003, FDA, and CFDA.

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