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Wearable Devices

Developing Mudra, a Brain-Computer Interface wristband that uses neural impulses as input to control digital devices

Company Name
Updating Date
Neurotech Category
Market Category
Target Market
Company Founded Year
Company Number of Employees
Wearable Devices
Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
Consumer Electronics
General wellbeing / wellness (users without clinical diagnosis)
PeripheralSignals (Heart rate | Blood pressure | Skin conductance)

Wearable Devices develops a non-invasive Brain-Computer Interface for controlling digital devices using subtle finger movements. We create a future in which the hand itself becomes the universal input device for interacting with technology, thus transforming Human-Computer Interaction to be as natural and intuitive as real-life experiences. Founded in 2014 by three Intel R&D Haifa alumni Guy Wagner, Asher Dahan and Leeor Langer it has nine employees in the fields of sensor development, miniaturized electronics, bio-signal processing, machine learning, and user-interface design. The company is located in Yokneam Illit, Israel. Its Mudra Inspire dev-kit is being sold in the past 18 months to global electronics corporations and software solution providers using it to define the future interaction methods for Smart glasses, Mobile phones, smartwatch, TV, gaming, robotics, sport analytics and digital health.

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