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Neuropitch is starting in:
Waiting list will be open during 17-25.5

How does it work?


Time investment

  • To gain the most out of Neuropitch, it is recommended to dedicate at least 10 hours per week, per teammate.

  • Most mentoring and teamwork are on a flexible timetable.

  • The workshops are held online. We recommend that at least one team member will attend each workshop.


  • Everyone interested in neuro-tech can apply, top applicants will be selected to attend.

  • You may apply as a team of 4-5 or as an individual and you'll be teamed by us.

  • It is advised to think about an idea prior to the competition, but it is not a necessity for applying.

Team Building Event

  • Participants who applied as individuals and got accepted, can state their preferences in choosing their teammates after mingling in this event. We'll take your preference into consideration when grouping.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to present their strengths and skills.

  • Attendance is optional.

Opening Event 

  • All details and important information about Neuropitch will be provided at this event.

  • An EXPO of the companies and products in the Israeli neuro-tech ecosystem will take place.

  • Kickstart a series of talks and workshops that are essential for your entrepreneurship skills.


  • Workshops that are designed to give you tools for entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Most of the workshops will be held online, some will take place in person.

  • Attendance in the workshops is highly recommended but not mandatory.
    We recommend that at least one team member will attend each workshop.

  • All workshops require prior registration and are limited in size.


  • Each team will be accompanied by an experienced BrainstormIL staff member.

  • Your team may schedule 1:1 Zoom talks with our mentors, on a variety of topics.

  • Mentoring can take place throughout the entire month, with a highly flexible time table.

Semi Final

  • The semi-finals will be held online and divided into two parts.

  • Each team will pitch their idea in front of BrainstormIL judges.

  • The judgment criteria will be published beforehand.

  • Only the best 6 teams will advance to the final.

Elite team

  • Teams who advance to the final will get access to additional resurces, in order to prepare them for the final pitch day, and the day after Neuropitch 2027.


  • The final will be held in Tel-Aviv.

  • Each team will pitch its idea in front of leading players in the neurotechnology ecosystem.

  • A jury of experts in science and business, VC associates, and other important individuals will choose the winners of this competition. 


Q: What kind of ideas and products fit this event?

A: Anything Neurotech related! VR, Bio-feedback CBT therapy service? Sure. Brain-computer interface control of warehouse robots? Definitely! A bracelet that changes color based on your cortisol levels? Not so much. Ice cream flavor named “Brain-Freeze”. No. Delicious, but no.


Q: How futuristic can I make my idea?
A: Your idea can be as wild as you like. However, it’s important you show it is feasible given certain assumptions and that you can explain those assumptions. It’s up to you to make sure the technical part of your idea is hypothetically possible (doesn’t break physics) and at least somewhat probable (in line with directions in current research) 


Q: Do I have to have experience in scientific research or entrepreneurship?

A: Experience is useful but never a precondition! You should have an academic or similar  background, and adeep interest in neuroscience and entrepreneurship. Either way, if you think you’ll have fun and succeed you’re probably right! Apply and see.

Q: What is the registration fee?

We believe in open science.
Participation is free.

Q: Do we have to work in English?

Teams are free to choose the language they work in (staff & mentors are fluent in both English and Hebrew). 

Semi-final and final presentation slides and pitches must be in English.

Copyright & Intellectual Property Disclaimer

We would love to see your ideas become a reality in the future. However, this event is above all intended to inspire creativity and provide an opportunity to gain experience and network. Things you share with others in this event are public and will not remain confidential. In addition, the participation is as a team which may include, in addition to you, other students from various academic institutions and various majors. As a team, you may also be accompanied by professional mentors. New works or ideas may be created as part of such a team which members and mentors may be subject to different IP restrictions. Therefore, in order to maintain your IP rights, please consider carefully what you share with others, or otherwise bring with you and/or present in this event, especially an idea you are actively working on or is too similar to an idea you’d prefer to pursue individually at a later time and we highly recommend you consult with a legal advisor before doing so. The Neuro-Pitch 2027 event is your chance to think of and pitch a future fantasy more than a near reality.

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