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Human Resources Manager

Volunteer Position

About the Role

BrainstormIL is a community, and our main source of strength is the bond that comes from meeting, knowing, and caring about each other. Our HR leader is responsible for creating the best environment for BrainstormIL’s volunteers and employees to thrive in. You will be managing all aspects of HR, this includes implementing strategies that boost volunteers' engagement, measure and improve performance, and contribute to volunteer retention and growth. Our HR manager is the go-to person for our volunteers whenever they want to grow or better understand their role and path within our community.


- Strong familiarity with BrainstormIL’s organization, activities and goals, and a strong passion towards these goals.


- Initiate innovative processes and proactively advance BrainstormIL’s goals and values.


You are expected to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours per week. Mostly remote work.

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