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BrainGurion 4.0

Brain-Machine Interface Hackathon

24 Hours, more than100 entrepreneurial students. 

Our participants will join together to create products that will improve our SENSES, based on human machine interface. The teams will be guided by expert mentors and will be given access to advanced innovative equipment.

March 30-31



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The challenge

The Challenge

Within 24 hours, your teammates and you will create a product that will improve or rehabilitate one's senses using neurological components

The neurological component can be expressed by control of the product or feedback. The product can be digital or physical, and may be supported by a combination of technologies, such as EEG, Virtual Reality (VR), Microcontrollers and Robots.


Inspiration Board

ביקשנו מאנשים בעלי לקות באחד החושים לספר לנו על בעיה יומיומית שהיו רוצים שימצא לה פתרון, אולי המוצר שלכם יהיה זה שיפתור אותה?

שחייה במים פתוחים באופן עצמאי או התראה בפני מכשולים בבריכה 
כלי שיאותת היכן המאחז הבא בקיר הטיפוס 
תקשורת בין שני רוכבי טנדם במצב של רעש או לקות שמיעה 


רונית, לקויית ראייה
אלירן, לקוי ראייה
רחל, לקויית ראייה 
דרור, לקוי ראייה 
לקויית ראייה מזה 17 שנים המתניידת ללא כלי עזר




How innovative is the technology or idea? 


Neurological components 

How much does the product use Neurological signals?


Is the product ready for use?

Product Impact

Does the product significantly improve / rehabilitate ones sense?

Pitch Deck

Quality of presentation.


The judges' discretion regarding the “additional value” of the product.

Criteria for judging

Criteria For Judging
To pick the winning team, the judges will ask themselves the following questions:

Inspiration Board

Registration options

Registration Options

Alone or with a team?

You can join as part of a team, or by yourself and we will find a team for you. 

Team size

2-6 people


You can take part without participating in the Hackathon.


Thursday - March 30th


Registration, Reception and lunch

Friday - March 31th




Welcome Session


another Surprise!


Start Hacking!


Code Freeze, Breakfast and Presentations




Closing Remarks and Awards






Private Arduino workshop

Extended Arduino kit



Complete Gamer kit


Projects Gallery
Here are some of our participants projects

Pre-Hackathon schedule

Judging Panel

Judging Panel

Pre-Hackathon Schedule
We're welcoming you to participate in our lectures and workshops planned for the Hackathon


Meet Our Mentors

will be published soon...


Dr. Mor Nahum

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Head of the Computerized Neuroscience Laboratory



Prof. Amir Amedi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

computational neuroscientist, multisensory researcher, director of BCT lab, RUNI


Dr. Tamar Arens-Arad

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

VP R&D at ZOLL Itamar


Prof. Carmel Sofer

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Cognition and brain science dep.

Chairman of Yazmut 360° BGU

Our Mentors

Meet Our Mentors

2020_08_31_021_square - Copy.jpg

Prof. Oren Shriki

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Head of the Computerized Neuroscience Laboratory BGU


Dr. Jennifer Resnik

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Auditory processing, Head of Resnik Laboratory BGU


Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Head, School of Brain Sciences and Cognition

Director, The interdisciplinary Computational Vision Lab (iCVL) BGU

Zion-Golumbic, Elana05_edited.jpg

Prof. Elana Zion Golumbic

  • png-transparent-web-development-logo-website-web-design-symmetry-internet_edited

Director of the Human Brain Dynamics Lab BIU

Shachar_headshot_vr (1).jpg

Dr. Shachar Maidenbaum

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Sciences BGU


Prof . Gal Ifergane

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chairman, Division of Brain Medicine at Soroka Medical Center


Dr. Yaron Segal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder and CINO at BrainQ Technologies

Anan Moran - Copy2.jpg

Dr. Anan Moran

  • png-transparent-web-development-logo-website-web-design-symmetry-internet_edited

Sensory processing, Head of the Anan Moran Laboratory TAU


Dr. Michal Rivlin

  • png-transparent-web-development-logo-website-web-design-symmetry-internet_edited

Dynamic computations in retina, Head of Michal Rivlin lab,

Weizmann Institute of science


Prof. Hagai Bergman

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Grandfather, Doctor, and brain researcher HUJI and Hadassa medical center


Dr. Liron Rabany

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chief Scientist, Theranica


Dr. Aharon Ravia

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Computational neuroscience,

Weizmann Institute of science | Co-Founder of Stealth Mode Startup

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-02 at 07.38_edited.jpg

Moshe Kilim

business and social entrepreneur specializing in tech for disabled people


Ofer Perl, PhD

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Postdoctoral Researcher, ABY Human Memory Lab


Ori Morava

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Technical Program Manager | Incubation & Disruptive Innovation group | intel

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-16 at 20.57_edited.jpg

Rotem Vekslar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Neuroscience Project Manager at Davinci Neuroscience LTD and The Baruch Ivcher Institute For Brain, Cognition & Technology


Kfir Hayman

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Software Engineer - Audio Signal Processing | Winner of BrainGurion 3.0 


Adi Nissim

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Pursuing Master's Degree in Cognitive Science


Dr. Miriam Guendelman

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Neuroscience PhD Candidate, BGU


Daniel Polyakov

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Neuroscience PhD Candidate, BGU


Yarden Ben Horin

Neuroscience MA Student, BGU


Miriam Dissen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

PhD candidate, BGU


Ophir Almagor

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Neuroscience MA Student, BGU 

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-19 at 18.31.14.jpeg

Yasmin Abergel Zaushnizer

Neuroscience M.S.c student | EEG specialist BGU


Saleh Natour

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Neuroscience PhD Candidate, BGU


Dr. Nir Getter

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

EEG expert | senior algorithm developer at NeuroHelp

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 08.37_edited.jpg

Naama Oring

Neuroscience M.Sc student

2018-07-06_cow - Copy.jpg

Kfir Nissim

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Software Developer

עמית אהרוני תמוה.jpg

Amit Aharoni

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Computer science Student specializing in AI | 3rd place winner of BrainGurion 2.0

Our Team

Meet Our Team

תמונה לינקדין.jpg

Niv Cohen

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Hackathon Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive, Neuroscience & Psychology student at BGU


Hadas Eitan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Hackathon Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive and Neuroscience Student at BGU


Ofir Itzhak Shahar

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Team leader of Brainstorm BGU | Computer Science & Neuroscience B.Sc Student at BGU's 'Eitan' Honors Program

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-13 at 09.43.12.jpeg

Yuval Lachberg

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Hub Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive and Neuroscience Student at BGU

צילומי לינקדין-c8e8-03.jpeg

Tomer Gold

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Digital Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive and Neuroscience student at BGU


Noa Zilberman

Digital Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive, Neuroscience & Psychology student at BGU


Yuval Englander

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Events Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive, Neuroscience & Psychology student at BGU


Elad Orpaz

Hub Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive and Neuroscience Student at BGU

תמונה של WhatsApp‏ 2022-12-19 בשעה 15.54.45.jpg

Shani Jacob

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Events Team Manager of Brainstorm BGU | Cognitive and Neuroscience student at BGU


Or Rabani

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Gordon Cohen NeuroTech Hub Manager


Ofek Salama

CEO of BrainstormIL


Yael Abel

Head of Event Production, BrainstormIL


Asaf Harel

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Chairman Of The Board at BrainstormIL

Copyright & Intellectual Property Disclaimer 

We would love to see your ideas become a reality in the future. However, this event is above all intended to inspire creativity and provide an opportunity to gain experience and network. Things you share with others in this event are public and will not remain confidential. In addition, the participation is as a team which may include, in addition to you, other students from various academic institutions and various majors. As a team, you may also be accompanied by professional mentors. New works or ideas may be created as part of such a team which members and mentors may be subject to different IP restrictions. Therefore, in order to maintain your IP rights, please consider carefully what you share with others, or otherwise bring with you and/or present in this event, especially an idea you are actively working on or is too similar to an idea you’d prefer to pursue individually at a later time and we highly recommend you consult with a legal advisor before doing so.

Our Partners

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Our Partners
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