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Nasal Delivery Device

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Medical devices

SipNose focuses on nose-to-brain medical applications and is developing a nasal delivery platform for local, systemic, and central nervous system indications. The company's intranasal drug-delivery platform uses a mechanism designed to improve efficacy, patient compliance, and safety.

SipNose's noninvasive devices ensure accurate dose delivery via the nasal cavity and incorporate a simple, efficient mechanism to allow localization of the aerosolized drug in the olfactory epithelium, resulting in better absorption into the olfactory bulb and brain.

The company's technology enables drug molecules of vast chemical and pharmaceutical characteristics to reach the brain faster and more efficiently with higher safety and improved patient experience.
Combating Coronavirus Pandemic:
SipNose proposes a safe and non-invasive treatment to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 by mitigating COVID-19 infections at the virus’ primarily entry point to the body – the nasal cavity. SipNose treatment will result in an effective reduction in probability of individuals to get infected and to infect others. SipNose first choice for a product is INNOVaTe (IntraNasal Nitric Oxide antiViral Therapy), which will allow 3-4 times per day use to treat the virus directly at the upper respiratory regions in the nasal cavity at the very early infection stages and up to several hours post exposure

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