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INDUSRTY EXPO: Step into the future


The expo will take place during the opening event of Neuropitch 2027 (25 May 2022).


It is designed to inspire Neuropitch competitors to ideate new technologies and startups, by experiencing first hand the tech and people who make our ecosystem.

Our guests in the Opening Event of Neuropitch are the competitors, as well as neurotech companies, VCs, entrepreneurs, government officials, researchers, clinicians, engineers and designers.

We invite nuerotech companies, that can offer a tangible experience with their product to take part in this expo and inspire the entrepreneurs of the future.

Presenting at the expo is free of charge.
We strongly encourage you to sponsor the expo,
so it can be repeated in the future.

Sponsoring companies will have their logo included in our publications.

​​​Recommended sponsorship

Gold - 10,000 NIS

Silver - 5,000 NIS

Bronze - 1,000 NIS

Gold sponsors (limited slots) will be invited to give a short key-note talk at the opening event.



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