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Paid - 75%

About the Role

BrainstormIL’s CEO is responsible for the organization’s operations and fulfilling the organization’s short-term plans and strategic policy. The CEO is expected to hold a wide understanding of the organization and its needs, and to operatively reflect those considerations to the Amuta’s board. The CEO works with all other key positions in the organization to develop, execute and grow the organization’s activities and goals.


• A proven capability to lead and manage teams and volunteers, and excellent interpersonal skills.
• A capability to lead and manage budgets and large-scale projects.
• An experience in business development and/or acquiring funding.
• A good understanding of either Biotech, Bio-Convergence or Health-tech and preferably of Neurotech and the Neurotech ecosystem.


• Fulfillment of BrainstormIL’s strategic policy, yearly plan, and budget.
• Initiate innovative processes and proactively advance BrainstormIL’s goals and values.
• Oversight over all BrainstormIL’s projects and activities.
• Supervise all legal, contractual, and financial obligations, together with the legal division, board, and review board.
• Update the Board and General Assembly on all relevant topics.
• The CEO is liable for all organizational activity.


75% position.
Hybrid position with most of the work done from home. Position includes visiting campuses, companies, and sites across Israel as well as well as maximum working hours flexibility, therefore, might suit as for young parents or student researchers.

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