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Brain Gurion 2.0

Do you have an idea that can make a difference?

Do you want to make an impact on someone else’s life?

We’re excited to invite you to our annual Hackathon!
This year’s theme – Rehabilitation!

The event will be held in Hebrew.

NOV 18-19



The Challenge

Within 24 hours, you and your teammates will present new and innovative ways to make an impact. Relevant hardware and experienced mentors from various fields will be available to assist you.

You can approach this theme from whatever angle you find interesting, such as:

  • Motor skills

  • Prosthesis

  • Speech impairments

  • Neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or ALS

  • Cognitive impairments: Memory, special orientation, language

  • Mental rehabilitation: PTSD, emotion regulation

  • And obviously, anything else you find fitting.

To pick the winning team, the judges will ask themselves the following questions:
1.    How relevant is the product to the field of rehabilitation?
2.    How much impact will it have on patient care?
3.    Is the idea scientifically feasible?
4.    Is the idea technologically or scientifically innovative?
5.    Does the team have a working POC?

Some technical details: 

> You can join as part of a team, or by your own. 

> Teams size: 2-5 people, at least 2 students, from any university. 

> If you want to take part at the event without participating in the hackathon, choose the track "free listener" at registration. 


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Brain Gurion 2.0


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November 18-19


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